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Why Peak Health?

Our approach to health care focuses on correcting the underlying cause of illness and aging as a disease through hormone optimization, nutrition, fitness, sleep, sexual health interventions, and education to increase both your lifespan AND your health span.

A Letter From The Founder

I’ve always known that practicing medicine was my calling, but it was holistic care that truly captured my attention due to its unwavering commitment to well-being and the profound connection between patient and practitioner. While navigating various emergency rooms and ICUs, I was deeply struck by the number of patients who, whether physically or mentally incapacitated, struggled to answer basic questions. It became evident that many were treated without addressing the root cause, rendering them incapable of performing even the simplest tasks. At Peak Health, our mission is to revolutionize the landscape of medicine and patient care. Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey where wellness transcends being a mere goal and becomes a way of life.” 

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Many metabolic disturbances can be attributed to hormone imbalances or simply suboptimal hormone levels. Bioidentical hormones are structurally identical to the hormones naturally produced by your body. This is not true of synthetic hormones, which are also the hormones used in HRT studies that have shown adverse health outcomes. Optimizing your hormone levels can improve energy levels, mental clarity, memory, mood, sex drive, lean muscle mass gain, fat loss, and promote a more youthful appearance.

Fitness Guidance

We can guide your fitness routine for weight loss or muscle gain, teach you correct body mechanics to prevent injury, promote stability and decrease muscle imbalances, work with gym or home equipment, and most importantly – navigate the issue of “no time.” At Peak Health we are dedicated to helping you be the best version of yourself. 

Nutrition Guidance

What you eat and how much you eat is the difference between you and many chronic health conditions like obesity, type II diabetes, and fatty liver disease – full stop. We will teach you nutrition beginning with the basics and as it relates to your health goals. No crash or fad diets here. In fact, no diets at all. 

Peptide Therapy

Peptides are strings of 50 or less amino acids (building blocks of proteins). Our body naturally produces both amino acids and peptides. At Peak Health we utilize peptide therapy to assist in gut inflammation, athlete recovery, strength gain, weight loss, improved immune function and more…

Sexual Health (Men & Womens)

Sexual dysfunction isn’t the most comfortable thing to talk about, but the truth is, it’s more common than you may realize. Sexual dysfunction can look like a lack of desire or interest, pain due to symptoms like vaginal dryness, issues with arousal such as PE or ED, or absent or delayed climax. Addressing your sexual health with us can help breathe life back into your relationship and increase your overall quality of life. At Peak Health we work on creating a safe space so we can talk about even the touchy subjects.


Sleep quality is a frequently overlooked aspect of our overall health and a major contributing factor to the development of chronic disease and weight gain. When you sleep, your body and brain goes into a necessary repair state that cannot be achieved otherwise. Daytime sleepiness, general fatigue, trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, morning headaches, and irritability can all be signs of poor sleep. At Peak Health, we help you improve your sleep *without prescription sleep aids.

New- Patient Process

Initial Process

New patient paperwork
Insurance cards

List of all medications

Copies of all past medical records

Virtual Office Visit

For your first virtual consultation we will deep dive into areas for improvement and formulate the best course of care specific to your needs. After this appointment, we will order initial labs. Once we receive the results, we will contact you for a follow up visit to discuss your results and care plan.


Peak Health works with you as a partner to hold your hand and advise you how to best care for body and increase your quality of life based on your lifestyle, goals of care, lab results, and progress.

Continuation Of Treatment

At Peak Health we don't slap a bandaid on, instead we take the time to truly understand your pain points. It is so crucial to your wellbeing that we get to the root of the issues at hand. We adjust your care plan as you progress through your lifestyle changes and meet and set new goals.

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